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Refurbished Espresso Machines: What Does This Mean?

by luciano iarusso November 03, 2016

Refurbished Espresso Machines:  What Does This Mean?

Looking to buy an espresso machine and want big savings.  Then buying a refurbished machine may be the option for you.

Whether due to functionality, customer remorse or disappointment, many productsare returned to manufacturers yet, many of these items are still in great condition. The ability to buy a returned item provides a great opportunity for those looking to buy an espresso machine at great value.  

As a consumer, however, you need to be knowledgable about what you are getting.  

What is meant by a Refurbished Espresso Machine?

It is an espresso machine that may have some damaged components, which require repair or in some cases need parts to be replaced. Another term that you may encounter is "Rebuilt Machine"  which is also used to describe machines which require replacement parts.

However, there are some machines which do not need of any repair.  When a machine has been taken out of the box, plugged in, and used, it can no longer be sold as a new machine.   In these cases, you will often see the term " Like New" or " Open Box".  These machines may have some minor cosmetic flaws or have none at all but have not had any of the original internal parts replaced or repaired. 

What do you need to consider when looking to buy a Refurbished Machine?

 The biggest consideration is who is assessing what the machine needs and who is doing the repairs. Are they espresso machine experts or authorized by the manufacturer to service and resell refurbished machines?

When buying a refurbished espresso machine, you want to buy from a Factory Authorized / Certified Center.  This ensures that the technicians are trained to work on the product by the original manufacturer.  A certified service center upholds the manufacturers original standards and original parts are used.  Certified Centers also have Programmers which allow for testing of the software with the machine to ensure it is in optimum working condition. 

What does this Mean to You as a Buyer?

Huge Savings for you on an espresso machine that will function like new.  A machine that can provide years of satisfaction and excellent coffee. 

Why should you consider buying a  refurbished espresso machine from Espresso Machine Experts?

  1. We are a factory authorized service center,
  2. All of our technicians are trained.
  3. We carry all original replacement parts.
  4. We have been repairing espresso machines since 1987
  5. We can tell you how many coffees your refurbished espresso machine has made, if applicable.
  6. We have a Programmer which allows us to review, test and update the software in your espresso machine (just like your phone or computer need updates, so does the software contained in espresso machines.)
  7. We thoroughly clean and test the machine before it is put out on the floor.
  8. We are honest about the condition of the machine.
  9. We will send you, upon request, a photo of the actual machine you wish to purchase not a stock photo.
  10. We are happy to provide assistance after your purchase. 

Read what our customershave said about purchasing a Refurbished Machine from us.

"I was a little hesitant to purchase the refurbished espresso machine I saw on their website but decided to give them a chance. I was extremely happy with the customer appreciation email I received after ordering and was very impressed with the packaging for shipping to California, not a scratch on it. Also, wasn't sure what amount of visible wear I would find since it was refurbished but you wouldn't know it by looking at it that it wasn't brand new. Works perfectly and I am completely satisfied. Great job! Wish I lived closer so I could visit your store.
Vacaville, CA"

     If you have any other questions about refurbished espresso machines, please give me a call.




    luciano iarusso
    luciano iarusso

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