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Top 5 Reasons To Give an Espresso Machine As a Grad Gift

by luciano iarusso May 02, 2017

Top 5 Reasons To Give an Espresso Machine As a Grad Gift

Top 5 Reasons To Give an Espresso Machine as a Grad Gift

It's May – the last stretch for high school and college seniors. Soon, the graduation celebrations will start full force, meaning it's time for you to consider what gift to give the excited grad. While cash is often the go-to gift, consider giving them something that is so much more useful, needed, and memorable. Of course, we’re talking about an espresso machine! Why?

  1. An espresso is healthy as opposed to the high caffeine energy drinks. There is research to prove it.
  2. It will be so much cheaper making their own espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos rather than going to a fancy coffee shop. An espresso made at home will cost them an average of 17 centsas opposed to an average $2.00 at any coffee shop. The savings are exponential when you factor in the fancier milk based drinks.
  3. It will save them time. No need to stand in long lines or get up early just to get their caffeine.
  4. Being the guy or girl with the espresso machine will surely help your grad soar on the popularity scale. What a great way to make new friends!
  5. If they need a stimulant to stay awake to finish that paper, or first job assignment, wouldn't you rather it be a cup of espresso?

    Here is what one student had to say about her machine:

    "My parents bought me this awesome machine was I went off to College five years ago and it's lasted me ever since!! The Odea is modern, easy to use and perfect for making espressos and cappuccinos everyday. It's probably saved me thousands of dollars at Starbucks or the coffee shops around campus!! Thank you EME!!"

    How do I know which machine to buy?
    Get a fully automatic espresso machine. They are quick, easy, and no mess…not to mention they are the most economical.  Don't buy new, get a refurbished machine – they provide huge savings with the same great results.

    When considering a refurbished machine, ensure you are purchasing from an Authorized Service Center so you can be sure original parts were used, if replacement parts were necessary. Additionally, an authorized service center will ensure technicians are fully trained on the electronics of the machine. Having access to a real live  service support tech can ensure questions can be addressed and your grad gets the support required to get the most of their machine. 

    Here are our top 3 machine recommendations.

    Refurbished Saeco Odea Giro Plus
    • Compact
    • Rapid steam capabilities
    • 3 bean espresso strength selector
    • Ideal for tall travel mugs
    Saeco Odea Go Espresso Machine
    Refurbished Saeco Moltio Focus


    • Comes with two removable bean hoppers (just in case the room mate likes a different blend)
    • Pre-ground bypass doser (for pre ground coffee).
    • No knobs for steam, all electronic
    • -5 bean espresso strength selector
    Moltio Focus Espresso Machine

    Refurbished Saeco Moltio Cappuccino



    • Has all the functionality of a Moltio Focus but it also has a removable milk carafe
    • No wasted milk with the carafe because you simply put what isn't used back in the fridge for the next time


    Moltio One Touch Cappuccino Espresso Machine
    luciano iarusso
    luciano iarusso

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