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CLEARYL Pro Blue JURA Water Filter for Giga W3, GigaX7 and Impressa XJ9

Keep your JURA Workplace automatic coffee machine running smoothly and your drinks tasting fresh and delicious with this useful in-unit water filter. Simply place the neutral-pH filter directly into the water tank to guarantee that water is freshly filtered for each cup of coffee. Fresh, filtered water ensures that aromas and flavors remain unadulterated for the best coffee experience. The CLEARYL Pro Blue filter also eliminates the need for descaling, extending the life of your machine. 

Made for the following Jura models:  Giga W3, Giga X7 and ImpressaXJ9

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The CLEARYL Blue filter works according to the professional up-flow principle, always filtering the precise amount of water required for each job. As well as limescale, it filters out heavy metals and substances like chlorine that could affect smell and taste. The result: pure water for your favorite specialty coffees and a longer life for your investment.