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Jura Giga 6 Superautomatic Coffee Machine | 2 yrs Warranty

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16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value

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6 month warranty on all refurbished machines
1 year warranty for new Saeco machines, 2 year on Saeco Xelsis SM 7684/04, Philips EP2220/14, Philips EP3241/54, EP3221/44
2 year warranty on new DeLonghi machines

2 year warranty on Jura Home Machines, 1 year on Jura Professional Machines

Perfection. precision and professionalism in a new dimension.



Double power, double action

  • The GIGA 6 features completely new inner workings including new thermoblocks, two pumps and fluid systems.
  • Can prepare two perfect barista standard coffee or milk specialties simultaneously at the touch of a button, always freshly ground not capsuled. 


Two ceramic disc grinders

  • Two electronically adjustable ceramic disc grinders can grind coffee to the optimum fineness.
  • JURA's exclusive Automatic Grinder Adjustment (A.G.A) delivers consistant resuilts every time over the grinder's entire service life.
  • Two grinders allow for an infinite amount of variasions-beverages can be programmed to grind from and independent grinder or mixed together.
  • Coffee can be selected in increments of 25% to ensure you always brew the perfect blend.


Ultimate coffee quality

  • Pulse extraction process (P.E.P) optimizes the extraction time of shot specialties facilitating the superb development of flavors.
  • Intelligent Water System(I.W.S) with RFID technology automatically detects CLEARYL Smart filter.
  • A world's first, intelligent pre-heating technology ensures that even after long pauses between preparing long specialties, the very first coffee is piping hot when it is poured into the cup.
  • 10 programmable coffee strength levels.

Parallel preparation, times two

  • The combined power of two thermoblocks and two pumps allow coffee and milk/milk foam to be prepared simultaneously.
  • Can prepare two milk specialties at once.
  • Automatic switch over from milk to milk foam eliminate all guesswork and perfectly tops all milk specialties.  
  • 10 programmable milk and milk foam temperature levels.

Unprecedented range of specialties

  • 28 specialties to choose from including cortado, cafe latte, Espresso doppio, one touch Americano and even an 80 oz jug of coffee.
  • A special preparation method is used for Americano, Caffe Barista and jug of coffee with added hot water during the extraction process to produce full bodied, delicate, delicious coffee specialties.
  • Designated hot water functions for tea lovers.

5 Star handling

  • JURA engineers redesigned the drip tray for improved handling.
  • The dishwasher-safe drip tray can be easily removed, emptied and reinserted with just one hand.
  • The center of gravity of the drip tray is ideally located to prevent any spills.
  • Maintenance is simple , clean, quick and convenient. 

Artificial Intelligence 

  • A self-learning algorithm identifies each user's personal preference and adapts the start screen accordingly, showing two, five or eight preferred specialties.
  • The 4.3" high resolution touchscreen color display only shows the user's favorite specialties.
  • Images and symbols are self explanatory, well though-out and reduced to the absolute essentials.
  • Rename specialties, use initials or remove the names for a minimal look.

JURA Cockpit

  • Centralized notification that provides the most intuitive and simplest operations yet.
  •  The Cockpit can be accessed by pressing the center button on the rotart switch.
  • Only the maintenance programs that are due immediately are shown in the Cockpit, leaving the start screen clean and simple.
  • The maintenance program can be initiated immediately by touching the message.

Super premium quality and design 
  • Made with top quality materials and Swiss precision, its clean design features radiate power and expertise.
  • The impressive quality is iconic and emphasized by solid front section made of 3 mm thick aluminium.
  • The aroma preservation bean container lids are made of chrome-plated, die cast zinc.
  • Chrome vents regulate the machine's internal temperature and prevent the machine from overheating.
  • Blue crystal rotary switch.

J.O.E. JURA Operating  Experience

  • The JURA operating experience brings state-of the-art operation to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Equipped with smart connect, the GIGA 6 wirelessly syncs to J.O.E. via bluetooth, this technology makes enjoying customized cup of coffee even easier.
  • J.O.E. is the most intuitive, convenient and modern way to make optimum use of all advantages offered by JURA with the same convenience of touchscreen operation.

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  • Number of specialties                                 28
  • Display                                                        4.3" touch screen color display
  •  High performance pump, 15 bar                2
  • Thermoblock                                               2
  • Fluid system                                                2
  • Clearyl filter cartridge                                  CLEARYL Smart
  • Height and width adjustable dual spout       2.7-6.2in / 0.8-2in 
  • Height hot water spout                                 2.7-6.5 in
  • Water tank capacity                                     88 oz
  • Bean hopper capacity                                  2 x 10 oz
  • Voltage/ Power                                            120V / 1500 W
  • Weight                                                          40 lb
  • Dimensions ( W X H X D )                           12.6 x 16.3 x 19.6 in
  • Article number                                             15396