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JURA Z8 Superautomatic Coffee Machine | 2 yrs Warranty

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16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value

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JURA's Z8 boasts an unbeatable standard of coffee. For lovers of a long coffee, we present you the world's first automatic coffee machine for the home with One-Touch Americano function. In fact, you can brew an entire 70 ounce pot of coffee at the touch of a button. 

Operation and the selection of one of the 21 different specialties takes place intuitively, thanks to the self-explanatory graphics on a high-resolution 4.#" touchscreen color display. 

If you want to make a coffee with a touch of a button on your smartphone or tablet, then the JURA Z8 complies with Smart Connect. This enables the machine to be controlled via bluetooh by J.O.E. (JURA Operating Experience). This device makes customizing youe coffee and maintaining your machine super easy.

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One-Touch Americano

JURA Z8 making a coffee using One-Touch Americano function

  • The world's first automatic coffee machine for the home with One-Touch Americano functioning resulting in light, aromatic, long coffees.
  • For the Caffé Barista, Americano and Jug of 70 ounces of coffee, it uses a special preparation method that combines the coffee with hot water during the extraction process to produce full-bodied, delicate, deliciously light specialties. 

Ultimate Coffee Quality

Arial View of JURA Z8

  • Aroma G3 grinder is now even more precise and twice as fast, yet preserves all the delicious aroma of the coffee beans.
  • JURA"s exclusive technology (P.E.P.)® optimizes the extraction time by forcing hot water through the ground coffee in short interval's facilitating the superb development of flavor for ristretto and espresso.

Parallel Preparation

Sideview of Z8 with a prepared espresso

  • Two pumps and two heating systems allow the coffee and milk to be prepared in parallel, rediscovering the classic Caffé Latte.
  • In addition, trend specialities like Flat White and Latte macchiato are prepared to perfection thanks to automatic switchover from milk to milk foam.
  • Programmable milk temperature for individual enjoyment.

One-Touch Maintenance

JURA Z8 Touchscreen panel

  • Maintenance functions can be prompted by pressing on the alert that appears on the Start Screen and milk system cleaning is one-step, simplifying daily maintenance.
  • Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.)® with RFID technology automatically detects the CLEARYL Smart water filter.
  • CLEARYL water filters guarantee that your water is freshly filtered before every preparation for the best coffee flavor.

Touchscreen Functionality

JURA Z8 closeup of touchscreen

  • Operation and the selection of 21 different specialities takes place intuitely, thanks to self-explanatory graphics on a high-resolution 4.3" touchscreen color display.
  • The touchscreen puts all your favorite coffees at your fingertips. By touching, swipig and selecting you can individually program, name and arrange your specialites on the display.

J.O.E. (JURA Operating Experience)

Image of  J.O.E. app on a smart device making a coffee on a JURA superautomatic coffee machine

  • The JURA Operating Experience (J.O.E.)  brings state of the art operation to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Equipped with Smart Connect, the Z8 wirelessly syncs to J.O.E. via Bluetooth, this technology makes enjoying a customized cup of coffee even easier.
  • J.O.E. is the most intuitive, convenient and modern way to make optimum use of the all the advantages offered by JURA, with the same convenience of touchscreen operation.




Height adjustable coffee spout 2.4-4.4 inches
Height adjustable cappuccino spout 2.6-6 inches
Height adjustable hot water spout 2.6-6 inches

Coffee grounds container (max. servings)


Capacity of bean container

10 ounces

Water tank capacity . 

81 ounces

Cable length

3.6 feet


120 V ~


12.5 amp


60 hz


1500 Watt

Stand-by power

0 Watt

Energy consumption

25 watt-hour

Energy consumption with E.S.M. ©

8 watt-hour


30 lbs


12 inches


14.9 inches


17.7 inches

Energy efficiency CH

43 kw per hour