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Delonghi Laspecialista Espresso Machine EC9335M

Pre-testing value $49.95
Packaging and Shipping value $49.95
16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value $9.95
4 pkges Machine Descaler value $8.00

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2 year warranty on new DeLonghi machines

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  • Sensor Grinding Technology-- Exclusive Sensing technology delivers precise, consistent grinding and the optimal dose every time. Plus, the bean sensor ensures you’ll never run out of beans while grinding.
  • Smart Tamping Station-- Simply pull the lever to tamp the coffee with the right pressure for perfect results. There’s no need to remove the portafilter, so you get to enjoy a mess and waste free experience.
  • Active Temperature Control– La Specialista is equipped with two independent heating systems for faster beverage preparation. One thermoblock for extracting coffee and an independent heating system for steaming milk or frothing without waiting.
  • Advanced Latte System– Choose your style of froth: microfoam frothing for Latte Art or rich froth for cappuccino.
  • Speed Convenience & Variety-- With only a 15-second heat-up time and built-in grinder, you can handcraft a variety of espresso beverages with your friends, in the comfort of your home.
  • Separate Hot Water Spout -- La Specialista’s separate hot water spout brews an authentic Americano or hot water for tea.