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Refurbished Saeco Xelsis Digital ID HD8946/47

Pre-testing value $49.95 upon request
Packaging and Shipping value $49.95
16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value

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6 month warranty on all refurbished machines
1 year warranty for new Saeco machines, 2 year on Saeco Xelsis SM 7684/04, Philips EP2220/14, Philips EP3241/54, EP3221/44
2 year warranty on new DeLonghi machines

2 year warranty on Jura Home Machines, 1 year on Jura Professional Machines

With the Saeco Xelsis coffee machine every family member can enjoy his or her favorite coffee.  Thanks to the unique multi-user function up to 6 personal user profiles can be created for each profile up to 9 beverages can be personalized.

  • Perfect milk froth thanks to the integrated milk carafe
  • Milk specialties without the wait thanks to a double boiler
  • Coffee without burnt taste thanks to 100% ceramic grinders
  • Personalize your coffee in 6 user profiles
  • Play with the coffee's richness with our adjustable grinders
  • Boost coffee crema and body
  • Always a clean machine thanks to auto-clean and descaling
  • Hygienic milk frothing thanks to automated dual cleaning
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Icon Ceramic Grinder
100% Ceramic grinders: The robust 100% ceramic grinders guarantee a moment of pure coffee indulgence for years to come. It also ensures a totally silent operation. The ceramic material creates the ideal grind, which allows the water to flow through steadily, extracting the purest essence of the beans. And unlike other 'regular' grinders', the ceramic material prevents the coffee from overheating and tasting burnt.
Icon 8 Grinders
8 step adjustable grinders: . Different coffee blends require different levels of granularity for the full flavor to unfold. So the grind granularity of this machine has eight adjustable settings, from the finest grind for a full-bodied espresso, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee. 
Icon 6 User profiles
6 User Profiles: This Saeco espresso machine comes with 6 customizable profiles that memorize your personal preferances for different coffee drinks.  This makes it very easy to get a perfect tailor made cup of coffee although you are not the only one using the machine. 
Icon Dual Cleaning Carafe
Automatic dual cleaning carafe: This Saeco expresso machine comes with a fully automated dual clean function for its milk carafe. The dual cleaning uses two independent steam cycles to swiftly rinse your milk carafe after each coffee drink you prepare., for a fresh milk drink every time.  Hygienic milk frothing was never this easy.
Icon Auto Cleaning and Descaling
Auto-Rinse & Guided descaling:  This espresso machine automatically deans its coffee circuit with water upon starting up or switching off of the machine, this delivers a great, fresh taste with each cup of coffee.  Regular descaling prolongs your espresso machine's life. This machine will prompt when descaling is needed.  It will guide you with on-screen messages what you have to do and when.   Descaling has never been so easy!
Icon Dual Boiler Professional double boiler: With 2 separate heating systems to cater for both the optimal coffee or milk frothing temperatures, this Saeco fully automatic espresso machine guarentees professional performance and speed everytime.  You are able to prepare as many latte macchiatos and cappuccinos as you wish, one affer the other and each just as good as the previous without waiting. 
Icon Integrated Milk Carafe Integrated milk carafe: Enjoy your milk specialities with the automated milk carafe with auto-clean.  Simply pour milk into the carafe, plug it into the machine and select your preferred coffee drink.  Whether it is a latte macchiato, cappuccino or caffe latte, your drink will be served within seconds.  The carafe of your Saeco espresso machine conveniently comes with auto-clean, which means two automatic stream-rinsing cycles will clean you carafe's tubes after every use for a fresh milk taste every time. 



Country of origin

  • Made in: Italy


  • Color: Stainless Steel

Technical Specifications

  • Supported coffee types: ground coffee, whole espresso beans
  • Number of water boilers: 2 boilers (instant steam)
  • Boiler material: Stainless steel (Inox)
  • Grinder material: Ceramic
  • Number of grind settings: 8
  • Quantity of coffee adjustment: 3
  • Direct water hook up capacity: No
  • Water pressure in pump: 15 bar
  • Dual bean hopper: No
  • Location of bean hopper: Top Right-Hand Side
  • Coffee temperature settings: 3
  • Cord length: 31.5 in / 80 cm
  • Power: 1500 W
  • Voltage: 230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz

Easy-to-use Features

  • Cleaning and maintenance: automatic coffee circuit rinse; automatic milk circuit rinse; descaling cycle
  • Removable water tank
  • Removable brewing group
  • Frontal access to all functions
  • Adjustable coffee dispenser
  • Cup holding surface
  • Number of ways to adjust coffee length: 3
  • Bypass doser for pre-ground coffee: Yes
  • Manual instant steamer (pannarello): Yes
  • Crema adjuster: Yes
  • Bluetooth compatible: Fingerprint I.D.
  • Multi-user interface: 6

Perfect Espresso

  • Espresso technology: Saeco adapting system; Aroma system for pre-brewing; SBS - creme adaptor; cup warmer


  • Milk variations: frothing degree adaptor; integrated auto milk function; milk quantity selector; removable milk carafe


  • Automatic Stand-by Option

Weight and Dimensions

  • Product dimensions (L x D x H):
    • 11 x 16.5 x 14.6 in
    • 280 x 419 x 371 mm
  • Product weight:
    • 33.8 lbs
    • 16.1 kg
  • Water tank capacity:
    • 54.1 oz
    • 1.6 L
  • Coffee bean capacity:
    • 12.5 oz
    • 350 g
  • Milk carafe capacity:
    • 17.6 oz
    • 0.5 L
  • Maximum cup height:
    •  6.6 in
    • 168 mm
  • Waste container capacity: 14 perfect espressos


  • Refurbished: 6 months