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Rocket V3 Cellini Plus Espresso Machine.

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16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value

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Contemporary yet classic, the Rocket Cellini Premium Plus with PID has incorporated all the high-end features of the previous V2 model, as well as cleverly including an integrated PID for additional temperature control. Adding precision without obscuring the Cellini’s beauty, the new PID controller is artfully constructed inside the Cellini’s drip tray. Prior to brewing, simply program the PID to your desired brew temperature, reattach the drip tray and be swept away to brewing bliss. Hard-Working Boiler: The insulated 1.8 liter copper boiler with two lead free end plates work to maintain thermal retention and brew your espresso at the ideal temperature every time. Durable Case: The highly durable case is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel. E-61 Brew Head: Brew your favorite espresso blend on this highly sought-after brew head. Pre-Infusion: Both the Rocket Cellini & Giotto Premium Plus with PID boast a dual pre-infusion system that provides a smooth espresso extraction, as well as exceptional body and crema. Cup Rack: Removable cup rack is included and can be easily installed in the comfort of your own home. Removable Water Reservoir: Refill the 98-ounce water tank by removing it, or simply lift the lid and refill from a pitcher. Warning Light: A handy light located at the bottom left corner of the machine will let you know when the water level is low and when the machine is ready to brew. PID: The masterfully hidden PID provides additional temperature control while not overshadowing the Cellini’s beauty. Dual Barometers: Dual pressure gauges at the front of the machine allow you to monitor the brew and steam pressure while creating your perfect cup. 1 Year Warranty