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Superautomatic Espresso Coffee Machine vs Nespresso Capsule Machine

by Wael Faraj January 29, 2021

Superautomatic Espresso Coffee Machine vs Nespresso Capsule  Machine

Superautomatic Coffee Machine vs Capsule Coffee Machine


Who doesn’t crave a good cup of coffee every morning to kickstart the day? But to have such coffee, you need a reliable coffee machine. Now if you are someone who can not function at all without coffee yet doesn’t own a coffee machine, a morning coffee run every day would end up being heavy on your pocket.  

The answer to this problem is pretty obvious, get yourself a coffee machine! At first, though you may go like, “why do I need to spend so much money just for a coffee machine when I can buy a cup of coffee for just $3.00?”. The cost of a coffee machine ranges from $500 and can go over $10000 depending upon your priorities. If you add things up, a cup of coffee that averagely costs you $3.00 a day would mean you spend around $90 a month (a month of 30 days) and if you multiply it by 365 days you will know that every year you spend approximately $1095 just for a cup of coffee. You can save all this money if you do the math and buy yourself a decent coffee machine. Makes sense?

With that cleared out, we can now get down to business. You decided to buy a coffee machine but you are stuck between a capsule coffee machine or a superautomatic coffee machine. Are you a Nespresso capsule coffee machine kind of a person that prefers simplicity or you like taking it up a notch by owning a café style super automatic espresso machine? Well, help you decide which one would serve you the best cup of coffee.

In this article we have listed down the differences between both the coffee machines along with pros and cons of both with our verdict, in the end, the rest is up to you to decide. Stay tuned to know more about both the thingamajigs!


Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Super-automatic coffee machines are more of an upgraded invention than the regular espresso machine. In terms of convenience, this machine is super hard to beat. This is the very same fancy machine that you will find in a good café.

These machines vary in terms of the capacity of the milk carafe, the water tank, and the bean hopper.  This tells you how much coffee can it churn without having to refill it again.

The super automated coffee machine is designed to do all the work for you. All you need to do is add your coffee beans to the hopper and never forget to refill your tank with water and you are good to go. In just 60 seconds or less you will be served up with a fresh shot of espresso or coffee oozing out of the nozzle. You want an Americano, a single or a double, one or two cups, you name it, it’s all possible with just a push of a button. You can imagine yourself being a professional barista serving up some espresso as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee in the morning takes over your kitchen.

The best part, some of the models like the Saeco Xelsis SM7684/05 or the DeLonghi ECAM35075SI Dinamica or JURA E8 come with a milk frothing attachment for lattes and cappuccinos along with a hot water option too.

However, these machines do come in with their pros and cons as well.


Having a superautomatic coffee machine is super convenient and is perfect for the kind of cup of coffee you long for every morning.

·        Every time you brew the coffee, the taste remains consistent.


Here is where things don’t add up with this coffee machine.

·        It takes some time to get the hang of it as the system is a little complicated.

·        The amount of maintenance work that has to get done is maybe more compared to Nespresso machines. The prices of these could be expensive yet it requires a whole lot of maintenance to keep it running.

·        The process of making a cup of coffee creates a little of mess and no matter how advanced this machine is, it does not eliminate that process. You have to clean and empty the waste basket after  you brew certain number of cups.


Nespresso Capsule Machine 

Long gone are the days of using measured portions of coffee, grinding them, steaming the milk, and all the related time-consuming steps. With coffee capsules, all you have to do is put a pre-packaged ‘capsule’ of coffee into a designated machine which is already pre-filled with milk and water like the Nespresso machine, and voila! You will end up with a delicious cup of espresso brewed right in a matter of seconds without you having to do anything!

The sheer simplicity of having a perfect cup of coffee without having to perform multiple steps for it makes and saves the amount of time to brew the coffee makes the coffee capsule machine the preferred choice for most coffee lovers. You are having the perfect cup of your coffee with only a press of a button! Instead of going through the hassle of multiple steps, just simply popping in a coffee capsule into the Nespresso machine will get you the same delicious cup of coffee minus the extra time, multiple steps, and cleaning process of a traditional coffee maker. It is just that simple!

The capsule machines use a specialized coffee capsule that has a protective case made up of plastic or aluminum of multiple sizes. The coffee inside the capsules is immediately sealed right after being roasted to preserve its freshness as sealing them locks out all the oxygen and moisture. This step makes sure that the freshness of coffee remains for a longer period.

While a capsule machine is quite useful for many consumers out there, we have compiled a list of pros and cons of owning and using a capsule coffee machine which will help the readers decide whether they would like to have this machine or not.


·        The biggest advantage is the saving of time. Most of these capsules contain a single serving of coffee which helps in saving the steps of measuring out individual portions, grinding, and cleaning up each time one wants to make a cup of coffee.

·        The capsule machines are compact and easily portable. You can carry them from one room to the other which makes it an ideal coffee machine for homes, small apartments, and offices.

·        The coffee capsules for these machines can be sold or resold individually.

·        There is little to no post-cleaning process for these machines.

·        The long term maintenance process of these machines is easier as compared to typical coffee machines.


·        It is about twice, triple or even more as expensive per cup when compared with a typical espresso coffee machine. It may end up costing you more in the long run depending upon your usage and requirements.

·        Since this machine is designed to give a consistent taste of coffee, you will be limited to a certain variety of coffee since you cannot alter its settings that much.

·        Many of these capsule coffee machines do not have a way to heat and/or steam the milk like other typical machines.

·        You will have a restricted selection of choices when it comes to the quantity and intensity of the coffee since these machines are capable of using only pre-packaged coffee capsules. Hence you cannot customize your cup of coffee as you like. Instead, you will be having a few selections to pick from.

·        The individual capsule wrappings are a form of extra waste associated with every cup of coffee you make. This can have a negative effect on our environment in the long run.


The Comparison

We mentioned what both the machines do as well as their pros and cons, now we’ll talk about things in a little detail.



Which one of these machines produces the best tasting coffee?

With a capsule machine, all you have to do is pop the pod in push the button and you will be served with a creamy, rich, and velvety smooth coffee every time. The results are consistent however the flavor for some of you can be a little less strong and intense or maybe a little weird.

On the other hand, a super-automatic coffee machine would do you justice every time that coffee drips off that nozzle. The taste is more intense with more depth like a good cup of coffee should have and that aroma is to die for. This is because of the fresh ground beans used to make this delicious coffee.

As a matter of fact, a freshly brewed coffee from actual coffee beans can only give you the exact actual taste of coffee that no pod can.

Here the credit goes to the super-automatic coffee machine in terms of taste.



We can safely say that thanks to technology, you do not need to hire a professional barista to make you coffee every morning.

Making coffee has never been so easy especially if you own a capsule coffee machine. All it takes is just a single pod and you are done in less than 30 seconds.

However, the super-automatic can be a wee bit tricky. As mentioned it does take some time to get the hang of it and get it right. Not to mention the mess you have to clean up after.

Capsule coffee machine, you have a little advantage here.



This is the real stuff, now. We’ll give you a simple breakdown.  Each pod for the capsule machine costs an average of $1- $1.50 whereas a bag of coffee beans will cost an average of $10.50 per pound which equates to $0.35 per shot on average.

A little calculation done nicely by JURA 

Initial Investment  Superautomatic Machine  Nespresso Capsule Machine 
1-Year total cost $2199 up front  $250 up front
$400 for whole beans $2150 for capsules


Please note the prices are just to show the comparison and are calculated on an average.

Initial investment for superautomatic machine  starts actually around $550

This is pretty obvious that in terms of price, the super automatic coffee machine takes the lead.







Eco Friendly

The global warming crisis that we are living in, it is important to take measures to protect our environment by choosing products that don’t harm the ecosystem. This goes for choosing the right coffee machine as well.

A capsule coffee machine required pods for it to be operated and if you take a closer look, these pods are made up of plastic that is a major threat to the environment. This plastic when thrown out gets dumped in the junkyard, from there it's either burnt or thrown into the sea which creates pollution thus hurts the ozone layer and harms the sea life.

However, a super-automatic coffee machine has no such demands to operate, you just need coffee beans that are now available in Eco-friendly bags and that’s it. Nothing at all that can harm the environment plus ground coffee are actually useful for planting and mix with the soils.

Another point for a super-automatic coffee machine, Wohoo!


The Final Verdict

We already briefed about how both the machines differ in various terms. A capsule coffee machine is good if you want to have instant coffee especially when you are running late for work and is very handy, not heavy to move around.

But if you want our verdict, *drumroll* The super-automatic coffee machine is the winner. You can never go wrong with this machine plus you do not have to compromise on the taste at all.

Now you know what coffee machine fits your liking, what are you waiting for, it's time to go shopping for a coffee machine!


Wael Faraj
Wael Faraj

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