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About us behind Espresso Machine Experts?

We at   Espresso Machine Experts  are committed to doing our part to provide you with the best espresso experience possible.
We have been selling fully automatic espresso machines in Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Metropolitan Detroit area since 1987.

Our knowledge and personalized service can help you find the machine that is perfectly suited your needs. In our store, located in Shelby Township you can find a wide selection of manual and fully automatic machines. We are not only able to help you find the right machine, but we will also set it up and show you how to use, clean and maintain it.

The service doesn't end with the purchase. As an authorized service center for several brands, Espresso Machine Experts can provide after-purchase support.

It is fine to buy a machine off the shelf, but if you aren't sure how to use it properly, you won't get the most out of the machine. Our business is educating the client on how to use the various features so they can enjoy a coffee suited to their palate.

The store is a must see for coffee lovers! It provides all the wares needed to equip a coffee bar: freshly roasted coffee beans, demi-tasse cups, spoons, cappuccino topping, specialty packaged sugars and much more.

The store also provides a deluxe mobile coffee cart service for special occasions such as weddings, graduations and corporate functions.