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Wondering who is behind Espresso Machine Experts?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself!

I'm Luciano Iarusso, owner of Espresso Machine Experts.

Luciano Iarusso, Owner, Espresso Machine Experts

I've been in the espresso business since 1987. My goal is simple: to bring an amazing espresso experience to your home or office in an easy and affordable way.

Superautomatic espresso machines have been my world for 30 years! Growing up in an Italian home, espresso was part of daily life and making the perfect espresso was expected. Then in 1987, I discovered the first superautomatic espresso machine while at a trade show in Montreal, Canada. I was completely awestruck that with a push of a button, I could enjoy the best espresso I've ever had in my life without any fuss or mess! It changed my life so much that I've dedicated my career to ensuring others can enjoy the same experience.

30 years later, I am still going strong and committed as ever to providing my clients with the best service and espresso experience possible!