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Espresso Machine Experts: Saeco Service Center - Espresso Machine Repair

Espresso Machine Experts is a Certified Service Center for all Saeco, Gaggia, Spidem, Delonghi and Lavazza Espresso Point machines.

We are also equipped to service all similar product lines such as Starbucks, Solis and Miele. Luciano Iarusso is a highly trained technician who has been working with Saeco since 1987. We specialize in both commercial and domestic lines, assuring that all technicians are fully trained and current on all models.

Buying a machine is just the first step to enjoying a cup of espresso. In the excitement of new purchases, we often neglect to consider how the product can be serviced. The uniqueness of Espresso Machine Experts is that we service what we sell. In addition, we provide our customers with full support by setting up the machine and demonstrating each feature. We are committed to ensuring each client enjoys the full potential of his or her machine.

As a Saeco Service Center, when we receive machines, we not only examine the issue of concern, but also do a complete inspection of all other components to ensure your machine is functioning at its fullest potential. We always use original replacement parts. Whether you are in our geographic area or across the country, we will provide you with the highest quality service possible. Following are links to where and what we serve: Espresso Machine Repair Michigan, Coffee Machines Repair Michigan.

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