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Espresso and Gelato Catering Services ***Serving Locally ***

Espresso Machine Experts-Espresso Bar Catering

Whether you are planning a small intimate affair or a large corporate function, we at Espresso Machine Experts are able to provide an exclusive mobile specialty coffee bar service. Please visit our contact page to arrange to have Espresso Machine Experts cater your next function! We have catered weddings, graduations, birthdays, bridal showers, fund raising events, trade shows, and corporate events from as few as 50 guests to a 1000. Whether your party is in your home or in a hall, we will work with you to customize a menu suited for your event. We assure you and your guests the highest quality product delivered by efficient and courteous personnel. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and maintained at optimal levels by our in-house qualified service department. All of our equipment, including carts and machines, are NSF and UL approved ensuring government safety and hygiene standards.

Premier Cart

The Premiere Cart is truly a showstopper. The beautifully lit canopy makes it an exquisite addition to any venue. The cart adds luxury and sophistication to any event. The cart is equipped with commercial grade equipment permitting hundreds of drinks to be produced in a quick and efficient manner.

Deluxe Cart

The Deluxe Cart is suitable for smaller events. The cart with its burnished mahogany finish and stainless steel accents will add a fashionable touch to your event. The cart is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, which produces high quality espresso based drinks.


Drink Options:

* espresso
* cappuccino
* lattes
* espresso americano
* steamers
* chai tea
* mochaccino
* cafe viennese
* hot chocolate





Italian Style Gelato 

premier Gelato cart with canopy , Your choice of 6 flavors

Some Flavors to choose from:

*Orange   |  Arancia

*Chocolate/Hazelnut gelato with chopped Hazelnuts   | Bascio

*Coffee  |Caffe'

*Cappuccino(Not intense as Coffee)  

*Chocolate   |   Cioccolata

*White Chocolate   |  Cioccolata Bianca

*Coconut   |   Cocco 

*Strawberry   |   Fragola

*Mixed Berry     |  Frutti Di Bosco

*Raspberry   |   Lampone

*Lemon   |  Lemone

*Hazelnut  | Nocciola

*Pistachio  |

*Layers of hazelnut/Milk Chocolate gelato with Rice Krispies & cake   |  Sette Veli

*Vanilla with Dark Chocolate Shavings   |  Stracciatella

*Dark Chocolate  |   Tartufo

*Tiramisu   |  Triami Su

Egg Nogg  |   Zabaione


All coffee based drinks can be made with swiss water decaf.

All drinks can be enhanced with our authentic Italian Fabbri syrups and chocolate. A variety of flavors are available including: hazelnut, vanilla, amaretto, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and Irish cream.

Prices based on the number of guests, drink options, hours of service, and cart.