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How do I know which Espresso Machine is right for me?

Choosing the right machine, is the first critical step in enjoying the experience. You need to consider where the machine will be housed (dimensions), is it for a home or office, who will use it, do you plan on making specialty drinks etc.  If you need help in answering these questions, call us at 586.739.9500 or contact us at and our trained staff will guide you in choosing the perfect machine.

How can I be sure the Refurbished Espresso Machine I am considering is in good condition?

 Refurbished Machines offer great savings.  If you want to know exactly the machine that will be sent to you, contact us ( BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER ) and we will send you pictures of the actual machine that will be shipped and provide you with specific information about the machine for example, the number of the coffees the machine has made etc. Call us at 586.739.9500 or contact us at