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Cleaning and Lubricating the Saeco Brew Unit

by luciano iarusso November 24, 2016

Cleaning and Lubricating the Saeco Brew Unit

The brew unit is the heart of your Saeco Espresso Machine.  Keeping it in good working order will ensure your machine produces the best espresso possible and will increase the longevity of your machine overall.

Weekly Maintenance :

1. Remove brew unit from the machine.

2. Rinse under warm water.  Do not use any type of soap or solvent. 

3. Allow brew unit to air dry before reinserting it into the machine.

4. Be sure to wipe excess grinds from the area below brew unit. 

Maintenance every three to six months or 500 cups :

1. Begin with rinsing the brew unit under running warm water.  

2. Find a tub large enough to hold the brew unit.  Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of  Puro Powder then add  enough warm water so that the brew unit can be soaked.

3. Allow the brew unit to soak for 1 to 2 hours. 

4. Remove brew unit from tub and rinse under warm water and brush off any residual lubricant and coffee grinds. 

5. Allow brew unit to dry.  

6. Apply a thin layer of food safe lubricant such as, Lubri-film to brew unit.  You can apply Lubri-film using a brush, cotton swab, or applicator such as a curved utility syringe.   The attached pictures illustrate in yellow highlights, the areas of the brew unit requiring lubrication.  (Please note, it is NOT NECESSARY to dismantle the brew unit as shown in the first picture.  It has been taken apart simply to provide a better visual of where the lubricant must be applied.)

7. Every 1 to 2 years, or as necessary, replace the large orange brew unit O- Ring by simply pulling off the old one and adding a new one by stretching it into place. 


greasing brew unit side view

greasing bottom of brew unit

bottom front of brew unit for saeco espresso machine


luciano iarusso
luciano iarusso

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