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Milk Tube with stainless steel casing HP2 JURA Giga X7, Giga X8, Giga W3, Giga 6

Complete Your Set-Up with the HP3 Milk Pipe Casing

Complete your set-up with JURA’s HP3 stainless steel milk pipe casing, perfect for adding an elegant touch to your  Jura Milk Pipe with stainless steel casing HP2 for (Giga X7, Giga W3, Giga 6) The 9-inch coil spring case protects your milk tube from damage caused by UV rays and other damaging elements. The casing connects to your JURA milk container and your milk spout and is airtight for a neat and hygienic set-up. Users can trim the casing to their desired length for a neater look or keep the recommended, pre-assembled length of the milk pipe casing.

Compatible with the following JURA machines:

  • Giga X7
  • Giga X8
  • Giga W3
  • Giga 6