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T-JET Water Fill Kit for Home and Commercial Espresso Machines.

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T-JET, Model. TW150V is direct water fill system to stably deliver water to the water reservoir of the machine regardless of the strength of the water pressure when home & commercial coffee machines are connected directly to a water line.

It is especially designed to work with appliances, which have water reservoir such as automatic espresso machines, instant coffee machines etc. When T-JET is installed with an automatic espresso machine or instant coffee machine etc. having water reservoir and is hooked up directly to a water line, the float switch will be activated and the solenoid valve will open to deliver water to the water reservoir of a machine. Float switch makes the solenoid valve open or close by sensing water level in water reservoir. This system can control water level in water reservoir reliably than another float systems like float ball valve.


● Compact size for easy mounting

● Easy installation

● Solenoid Valve - High pressure valve (pilot type) - 2 valves equipped to enhance safety.

● Stable water supply at strong water pressure.

● Easy and immediate replacement of the parts - float switch assembly - discharge tube / fitting

● Operating mechanism: valve open/close by sensing water level

● Optional parts: bulkhead connector/ tubing hose (for overflow protection)


Product Specifications

  • Voltage 110 VAC, 220VAC (DC24V)
  • Cycles(or Frequency) 50/60Hz for AC
  • Max. Pressure 10 kgf/cm2 (142 PSI)
  • Plug Fitted US, EU, UK, AU etc.
  • Control Box Dimensions 99W X 179D X 100H (MM)
  • Weight 590 g
  • Package Dimensions 200W X 380L X 125H (MM)
  • Shipping Weight 2.86 lb

Model  TW150V-100H

What's Included :

( For automatic espresso machines - float switch side mounted)
 Control box with on/off rocker switch
 Float switch assembly
AC/DC power adapter
3M of 1/4" OD discharge tube
Installation & fitting kit: plug-in stem elbow(1/4"tube - 1/4"stem),
silicon tube, nylon nut(M12), sealing washer, cable tie, cable tie mount