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Coffee and Espresso Machine Descaling Powder

Dezcal works well in all Saeco, Gaggia, Spidem and other espresso machines. Descaling every 1-2 months is key to keep an espresso machine in optimal working order. Simply mix 1 pouch with 32oz warm water, shake to dissolve, pour into water tank and follow manufacturers' instructions for your model. Rinse with plenty of fresh water as per instructions.


Dezcal activated scale remover is one of the best products on the market to descale (decalcify) your espresso machine. This product removes lime and other impurities which build up on the boiler, pump, lines etc. Simply dissolve one pouch with 32 oz. of warm water, shake well in a plastic bottle to dissolve and pour into the water tank. Follow manufacturer instructions on descaling your particular model. Pkg of 3 pouches.