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Espresso Recipes

Italian Espresso Recipes


Tiramisu Martini -
* 1 ½ scoops vanilla ice cream
* ½ oz. 1883 de Philibert Routin Tiramisu Syrup
* 1 oz. cold espresso
* 2/3 oz. amaretto liqueur


Combine ingredients in blender with ice, blending until smooth.

Pour into a refreshed Martini glass.



Turtle Mochaccino -
* 2 oz. hot fresh espresso
* 1 oz. caramel syrup
* 1 oz. macadamia syrup (or hazelnut or Frangelico liqueur)
* 1 oz. chocolate syrup
* 6 oz. steamed milk


Combine espresso and all syrups in a 12 oz. latte mug or tall tempered glass.

Fill the rest of the mug or glass with the steamed milk.




Espressotini -
* 1 ½ oz. Kahlua
* 3 oz. vanilla vodka or vanilla syrup
* 1 ½ oz. chilled espresso coffee
* Ice


Layer Kahlua, then vodka, in a martini shaker.
Add espresso coffee and ice.
Shake vigorously.
Strain into a Martini glass.
Optional: Garnish with a lemon twist.




Fire & Ice Iced Coffee -
Two scoops of vanilla ice-cream in a tall glass with whipped cream.

Top it off with an espresso lungo and add some more cream and chocolate bits for decoration.