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How To Pick An Espresso Machine


How do I know which machine is right for me?

Choosing the right machine, is the first critical step in enjoying the perfect espresso. There are a number of questions you should ask yourself.  Review the list of questions below. As you are browsing, consider your responses to determine the machine suited for your needs. We understand answering these questions can be overwhelming, call us at 1- 877-772-9595 or contact us at luciano and our trained staff will guide you in choosing the perfect machine.

Will the machine be for home or office use?

One can assume office machines will get greater use, therefore you need to consider the size of water tank, dump box and bean hopper. If these are too small, the machine will need to be filled and cleaned with greater frequency. This could become cumbersome to staff  who is responsible for the maintenance of the machine. You may need to consider if direct water hook up is suitable for your office needs.

How many people will be using the machine? 

The greater number of users means there may be greater variance in individual coffee profiles. In this case, consider choosing a machine that allows you choice in coffee strength and length. You may also need to consider a machine with two bean hoppers if users have varied taste in coffee beans.

What kind of drinks will be prepared primarily,  coffee or milk based?

If the machine is going to be making many milk based drinks, consider the type of steam capability the machine provides.  Also, consider if a manual steamer or carafe is ideal for the intended users. A milk carafe is, for example, easier, safer and cleaner for kids who may want to steam milk for hot chocolate drinks. A carafe also allows remaining milk to be returned to the fridge, reducing waste.

What size cups will be used?

If you plan to make lattes or cappuccinos to go in the morning and you want to use a travel mug, make sure your machine is suitable for the height of your travel mug.

Will non espresso drinkers use the machine?

In this case, you need to ensure the machine you choose is capable of brewing a long coffee. 


Do you have any decaf coffee drinkers? 

If there are users who want a decaf you need to ensure the machine has a bypass doser so you can use pre-ground decaf coffee.  Alternately, ensure the machine has an extra bean hopper.  Both of these options will make it easy to go from one type of blend to another seamlessly.


Where will the machine be placed? 

Be sure to determine exactly where the machine will be housed. The machine's footprint may be a determining factor for your purchase. Refer to machine specifications if you plan to place  the machine under your cupboards.


Are the most expensive machines the only ones worth considering?

Like cars, espresso machines come in a wide range of prices. Any car, for example, can do the job of moving you from point A to point B, but obviously there are differences between a Toyota and Ferrari. Not everyone has a Ferrari as their first car.  You don't always need the most expensive machine. Be clear about how you plan to use the machine to make the best choice for your needs.  At the same time,  you also don't want to get something that you will outgrow too quickly either. 


Should I consider a new or refurbished machine? 

Don't discount a refurbished machine because they offer great value. Ensure you are purchasing from a factory authorized service center. In our service center, for example, only original parts are used,  if replacement isnecessary. An authorized service center, like Espresso Machine Experts also ensures factory trained technicians worked on the machine. We can provide you with pictures of the actual machine that will be sent to you along with usage information. When you have this data, you can feel confident about buying a refurbished machine. 


Who will maintain the machine?

Accessibility to the water tank and the bean hopper are important considerations. Remember the water tank and bean hopper need to be filled regularly. Then there is regular maintenance like descaling. Will someone keep track when the machine needs this type of maintenance or is the built in descaling function an important element to have.