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Refurbished Saeco Xelsis Superautomatic Espresso Machine SM7684/04

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Packaging and Shipping value $49.95
16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value

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6 month warranty on all refurbished machines
1 year warranty for new Saeco machines, 2 year on Saeco Xelsis SM 7684/04, Philips EP2220/14, Philips EP3241/54, EP3221/44
2 year warranty on new DeLonghi machines

2 year warranty on Jura Home Machines, 1 year on Jura Professional Machines





Saeco Xelsis Superautomatic Espresso Machine SM7684/04 TITANIUM

Craft 15 drinks at the touch with the Coffee Equalizer ™️

From strong ristretto to perfect cappuccino- create coffee experiences that satisfy your demands.  Simply swipe the touchscreen to choose from 15 recipes.   Coffee Equalizer ™️ fine tunes coffee recipes for discerning coffee drinkers. 

This is currently the hottest selling machine on the market. Quantities are going fast.

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Machine Highlights


Saeco Espresso Machine icon for 15 different coffee drinks 15 different coffee drinks - Enjoy unlimited variety, from espresso and cappuccino specialty coffee drinks like Americano and Flat Whites. So you can serve everyone the drink they prefer.
Seaco Espresso Machine Icon for Coffee Equalizer Touchscreen Coffee Equalizer™️ - Intuitively adjust the characteristics of your drinks via the touch screen thanks to the Coffee Equalizer ™️ : you can customise the strength, volume, temperature and taste of coffee, the milk foam amount and volume, and even the coffee and milk order.  Craft your coffee the way you prefer.
Saeco Icon for Aqua Clean Filters AquaClean filter - AquaClean is our patented water filter designed to improve the quality of your coffee by purifying water.  It also prevents scale build-up in the water circuit of your coffee machine: make up to 5000 cups without descaling by replacing the filter regularly.
Saeco Espresso Machine Ines for Hygie Steam Funciton Automatic Milk System Cleaning - the HygieSteam funcion will clean up the whole milk circuit with steam, from the spout to the milk tubes, at your command.  In addition, each time you make a drink with milk, Saeco Xelsis automatically cleans the milk system with a jet of hygienic steam, so it is clean and ready to make your next drink.
Saeco Espresso Latte Duo funcion LatteDuo Function- Create your favorite coffee drinks, including Cappuccinos and Latte macchiatos in single or double servings, all with just one touch.
Ceramic Grinder Icon used by Saeco Espresso Machines Adjustable Ceramic Grinder - Our adjustable grinders are made of ceramic, which ensures long-lasting performance without deterioration.  This means your coffee will be always ground like the first time, delivering the best from your fresh beans for up to 20,000 cups.  Fine-tune coffee richness with the 12 different grinder settings.
Saeco Icon for Removable Brew Unit Fully removable brewing group- The internal brewing group is easy to remove and rinse clean in seconds. so the core of your Saeco Xelsis is always ready to make superior coffee.
Saeco Icon 6 personal profikes 6 customizable user profiles - Everyone's favorites - and personalized settings - can be intuitely stores in up to 6 user profiles directly via the color touchscreen display.
Saeco Icon Easy Cleaning and Maintenance  for espresso machines

Easy cleaning and maintenance: With just three clicks, Saeco Xelsis starts the cleaning process it needs to keep on making excellent coffee and beverages for you.




County of Origin Italy

Accessories Included

  • Measuring scoop
  • Water hardness test strip
  • Cleaning brush
  • Brew group grease
  • Milk container
  • AquaClean filter


6 months  


Energy label


Power consumption stand-by

<0.5 W

Technical Specifications

Capacity Milk Carafe
0.6L  20.3 ounces
Capacity Waste Container 14 servings
Capacity Water tank 1.7L  57.5 ounces
Coffee bean capacity 450 g  1 lb.
Filter compatibility AquaClean
Waste container Frontal access
Water tank Frontal access
Dimensions W x D x H  283 x 489 x 393 mm    11.1 x 19.3 x 15.5 inches
Drip Tray Capacity 500 ml  16 ounces
Other Features
  • Auto-rinse & guided descaling
  • Main Switch On/Off button
  • Quick Heat Boiler
  • Removable Brew Group
  • LED illuminated water tank
  • Warm milk function
  • Aroma Strength 5
  • Coffee and Milk Length Adjustable
  • Grinder settings 12
  • Pre Brew Aroma control - yes
  • Temperature settings 3
  • User Profiles 6

General Specifications

Customizing Your Drink

  • Adjustable milk foam amount
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Adjustable cup volume
  • Adjustable temperature
  • User profiles
  • Adjustable milk/coffee order
  • Adjustable coffee taste
Grinder Settings 12
Type of Boiler Stainless Steel
Type of carafe Milk container
Type of display TFT
Adjustable spout height 75-148 mm   3 -5.8 inches
Milk Solution Latte Perfetto Technology
User Interface Touch screen display
Special funcitons Ground coffee option