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Saeco Mavea Intenza Water Filter Cartridge CA6702/00 for Superautomatic Espresso Machines

Each time you descale, you should also change your water filter.

This filter is compatible with Moltio, Minuto, GranBaristo, Exprelia, Xelsis, Incanto, Intelia, Magic(New Version), Odea, Primea, Royal One Touch Cappuccino (Model 2011), Royal Professional / Cappuccino, Syntia, Talea, XSmall, and replaces Saeco Aqua Prima.   

Why Use a Water Filter in Your Espresso Machine

The primary reason to use a water filter is to reduce the limescale and other mineral build up in your machine. 

Limescale is the number one culprit that creates blockages, reduces the temperature of your coffee and steam and ultimately compromises the taste of your coffee. 

Many Saeco models allow you to set the water hardness level into your menu so the descaling message appears with the correct frequency. Check the User's Manual for instructions. Remember you can access User Manuals under the resources tab for each model on our  website. 

  • For machines without the option to set the water hardness level
    • low hardness - every 3 months  
    • medium hardness - every 2 months 
    • high hardness- every 6 weeks
    • very high hardness-every 4 weeks