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Saeco Syntia SS

Pre-testing value $49.95
Packaging and Shipping value $49.95
16 ounces of Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans value $9.95
4 pkges Machine Descaler value $8.00

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2 year warranty on new DeLonghi machines

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Tucked inside the stylish stainless steel design with clean lines, the Saeco Syntia’s innovative technology guarantees pure espresso enjoyment. The Syntia’s premium stainless steel finishing is not only robust, but it also has a modern and stylish look which perfectly adapts to every kitchen décor. The Syntia combines high-end functionality with sleek design. Front access to all features allows it to fit wherever it’s most convenient for you. Short or long coffee with one touch, your favorite drink preferences are easily stored with the memo option – made simple with the wide display and its self-explanatory icons.


Stainless Steel 
The Syntia’s stainless steel finish is not only durable, but it also has a modern look and feel which perfectly adapts to every kitchen décor.

  Compact Design

The Saeco Syntia combines high-end functionality with sleek design. This compact machine enables front access to all features so it fits conveniently in any location.

Saeco fresh taste experience
With a focus on the fundamentals of excellent coffee – beans, water and milk, Saeco promises more aroma, more purity, and more freshness in each and every cup.

Easy to use
The Syntia features a tri-colored display screen, to show the exact functions of the machine at any time. Each different color used indicates a different mode.

Energy save
If your machine sits idle for an hour, Energy Safe mode is automatically activated. The machine can also be programmed to enter stand-by mode and keep energy consumption at less than 1 Watt per hour.

Sound design
Special insulation and a quiet ceramic grinder preserve the peaceful kitchen atmosphere.




  • Model Syntia Stainless steel--OUT OF STOCK
  • Rapid Steam® / Insta Steam Rapid Steam® (1 boiler)
  • Bypass doser 
  • Opti Dose 6.5 - 10.5 g
  • Bean container 8 oz
  • Removable water tank 40 oz
  • Dreg drawer 8
  • Pressure 15 bar
  • Frothing SS Pannarello
  • Frequency 60 Hz
  • Power voltage 1400 W / 120 V
  • Housing material Front, top and lateral in ss
  • Grinder 1 ceramic grinder
  • Volume control Programmable
  • Adjustable cup Adjustable coffee dispenser
  • Boiler material Stainless Steel
  • Dimension 25,6x41,5x31,5 cm
  • Interface Display with icons 3 colors
  • Weight less than 9 kg
  • Color: Steel