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5 Reasons Why Having an Espresso Machine at Your Workplace is Smart Business

by Luciano Iarusso January 15, 2017

5 Reasons Why Having an Espresso Machine at Your Workplace is Smart Business

5 Reasons Why Having an Espresso Machine at Your Workplace is Smart Business

At the beginning of each fiscal year all businesses, large or small, have the same overall goals: increase productivity, improve staff morale and retention, and nurture relationships with clients.  Papers, periodicals, books and many theses have been written about how business go about improving the bottom line. 

Undoubtedlly, CEOs and Harvard business professors have pondered the question at nausea probably while they were sipping a cup of coffee.  One thing I am certain they would agree upon is that it is never one single thing but a compilation of many small things that set a business apart.  We suggest that one of those small things is having great coffee in the workplace.

Having an espresso machine in the work place is a small cost that can help you achieve these goals. Let’s see how!  Don’t worry it won’t break the bank.  We make a good business case why it is actually cost effective.  Keep reading.
Reason 1: Simulates Creativity at Work
Steve Johnson in his  TED Talk reports that coffee houses were historically the places where creative minds met to plan their next big idea. Companies like Google have replicated this type of environment within their office spaces.  Why did companies like this invest in creating that café ambiance?  They did it specifically to foster creativity and communication. Adding an espresso machine to your office is a simple step to creating a coffee house experience.
Reason 2: Adds Value
You may not be able to give your employees a raise, but you can provide added value to their job. When employees can have an excellent coffee-based beverage or tea at work and they don’t have leave to get their own, you have saved them  and you lots of money and time. 
Reason 3: Customer Satisfaction
Customers are the heart of any business. Having an espresso or cappuccino to offer your client or customer shows them that you care. You are giving something to them before you ask anything in return, which will encourage them to come back.

Reason 4: Versatility
Not everyone drinks coffee, but many will gladly accept an espresso-based drink. Espresso machines give you the option of creating many drinks that can impress your employees and clients, like an Americano, lattes, hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea, and much more.  One machine keeps the office kitchen free of excessive appliances and keeps the environment looking clean and clutter free.

Reason 5: Fosters Relationships
Simon Sinek, in  Millennial Paradox, reviews why millennials are hard to manage and retain. He says companies need to find ways to help young staff develop relationships with each other. Have them put away the cell phone, give them an espresso or latte, and have them talk to one another before a meeting.  This simple step is the first one to creating job satisfaction.

Many businesses think that investing in a machine is really cost prohibitive but if you sit down and do the math, you will be pleasantly surprised.   Here Jura has broken it down for us. They present a very convincing argument on why investing in an espresso machine makes good business sense.


Hopefully you are the person who makes the decision on what kind of coffee equipment you will have in your office or business.  If not, we to have provided you with some really compelling arguments you can bring to the person who does.

In this day and age of competition, to find the best personnel and keep the best personnel, ensuring you are creating a climate of job satisfaction all the while attracting new clients makes investmenting in an espresso machine seem like a small price to pay.

Looking for a machine for your workplace, visit us and we will help you find the right one to fit your needs.


Luciano Iarusso
Luciano Iarusso

1 Response

Rhianna Hawk
Rhianna Hawk

November 27, 2018

I’ve been trying to think of what I can get for my office for Christmas this year (I usually get something that my team and I can all share) and I think that a coffee maker would be a great addition. I had no idea that coffee houses were historically where creative minds met, however, and I think that’s amazing. We do a lot of creative writing and content generation in my office, so stimulating that creative process would be a major benefit of having a coffee maker in the office.

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