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Coffee Lovers' Gift Guide-For all Budgets and DIYers

by Luciano Iarusso December 02, 2018

Coffee Lovers' Gift Guide-For all Budgets and DIYers

Coffee Lovers- there are really more of them than can be imagined. In fact, a study revealed that in the USA, coffee is preferred  at a ratio of 3:1 to tea. The fact that many people parade around with a coffee in hand is a sure tale sign that a coffee inspired gifts would not only be useful but also appreciated.

And if the coffee lover you have in mind is actually an espresso lover, well this shows that they have an appreciation for particular, refined  things, so your gift had better be thoughtful.

Since a good cup of coffee and espresso are sought after all the time, these gift ideas are good all year long and for every occasion. 

Read this guide for inspiration- it will give ideas for the perfect and fun gift for your coffee lover regardless of your budget.  In fact, we have some fun gift ideas that are easy to make for the DIY kind of person.

Gifts for all Budgets and DIYers 

Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans 


You just can’t have one chocolate covered espresso bean. Once you taste one, you will get you hooked.  The rich sweet chocolate on the outside pairs perfectly with a slightly bitter crunchy espresso bean on the inside makes then ideal for all ages.

 Of course, if you love to do things in the kitchen, you can make these yourself. There are tons of recipes on you tube. All you need is good quality espresso beans that are fresh and good quality chocolate.

Coffee scented candles

Coffee Brew Scented Soy Candle

Good quality soy candles are appreciated by all. They burn clean and last a long time. Candles can be used anytime and who doesn’t enjoy the scent of fresh coffee. The smell of coffee conjures feelings of a break, quiet time or time with a friend.

A perfect gift for the person who loves coffee but is watching their caffeine intake

A certificate giving your time (and a coffee)

Example of a gift certificate that can be made to give to a coffee lover

Give someone the option of calling you up when they need a friend and an espresso, Or kids can give parents a certificate that they will make them a coffee on the weekend and sit with them for a while (without any device in hand).

Moka Espesso Pot

Moka Espresso Pot

A moka pot is unique and practical gift for the coffee lover who wants to try a new brewing stylebut isn’t quite ready to get an espresso machine.

Cocoa Duster

Cocoa Duster Set


This is a great gift for the home barista who like to make cappuccino or lattes at home. They can decorate their drinks, so they look like they were made by a professional barista in a fancy café.  This is also an ideal gift for the person who likes to bake.  The cocoa duster can be used to decorate cakes or tiramisu.

Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder

Old Fashioned Coffee Grinder

Retro gifts are all the rage but an old fashioned coffee grinder really makes a statement in any decor.  But more than a showpiece, an old fashioned coffee grinder can actually grind beans or spices making it a useful addition to any home.

Coffee Scrub

Coffee scrubs have become really popular for exfoliation. They are said to help with cellulite and stretch marks too.

While there are several on the market, but they  are pretty expensive.  Consider making your own because it is easy to make.

Making a coffee scrub is a great way to use the dregs (spent coffee) that are produced from espresso machines


Milk Frother by Bialetti

Milk Frother by Bialetti

A manual milk frother produces rich frothed milk in seconds. A great device to make milk based drinks including hot chocolate. Pair this with a Moka Pot and you have everything you need to be a home barista.

Frothed milk elevates the status of any coffee. It is also ideal for making frothy hot chocolates. 

A bag of coffee grounds

Bag of Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are a nutritional additive for your garden. Get a coffee bag and fill with coffee grounds. The gardener on your list or the child looking to plant and watch seeds grow, will love it. 

In fact, there are many ways to use coffee grounds.

High Quality Espresso Beans

Caffé Nostro Espresso Beans

Finding the perfect blend is an espresso drinker’s dream.  Help them in that pursuit. 

Espresso Cups

3 oz brown Milano Espresso Cup made in Italy

There is a growing number of people who are drinking and making espresso at home. Having the right cup makes all the difference.  You can get a wide range of cups but if they are an espresso aficionado make sure they are good quality porcelain cups.

Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis SM Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

The ultimate gift for the coffee lover, in fact, for the whole family. Whether they like espresso, regular coffees or just frothed milk, fully automatic espresso machines do it all.  This is also an ideal gift for the office. 

This guide has given a range of gifts suitable for any coffee lover.  The gift ideas span a range of budgets and many even are great projects for do it yourselfers.  Regardless of the gift you choose, any coffee lover will appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into choosing the perfect gift for them.

What gift will you choose the coffee lover on your list?



Luciano Iarusso
Luciano Iarusso

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