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Espresso Machine Experts: Who we are and What we do

by Luciano Iarusso November 03, 2016

Espresso Machine Experts: Who we are and What we do

What makes us Espresso Machine Experts?  

Hello, I am Luciano Iarusso and I have been in the espresso business since 1987.  While I sell and service  many kinds of espresso machines, I specialize in superautomatic espresso machines. These are also referred to as automatic espresso makers, fully automatics, bean to cup machines  Consider that  Saeco launched its' first fully automatic espresso machine in 1985. As you can see I have been part of this industry from near inception. I started by selling and servicing Saeco espresso machines and I am proud to still be doing that today.

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Before  Espresso Machine Experts

I used to import giftware from Italy, but while at a trade show in Montreal, Canada I experienced an espresso made from a fully automatic espresso machine by SAECO and I  was hooked.  Intrigued with the technology and ease of use, I  knew I had to have a fully automatic machine to make the perfect espresso in my own home.

I bought a personal machine and soon many of my  friends and family wanted one too.  SoonI began to fill the demand through sales.  Shortly thereafter, questions started on how to clean, maintain,  and optimize the machine. so I answered that call too.  I made it a point to learn about all aspects of the machine.  30 years later I am still going strong and committed as ever to providing my clients with the best service and espresso experience possible. 

History of Espresso Machine Experts

I opened Espresso Machine Experts in Michigan in 2004.  In 2007,  I expanded my store to be able to offer a wider selection of machines and maintain a complete inventory of replacement parts.   I also expanded my retail space to include a wider selection of espresso related items and provide my own roast of espresso  beans sold under the label   Caffé Nostro™ translated as Our Coffee. We also began to carry Refurbished Espresso Machines in order to provide an excellent quality espresso machine at reduced prices, making owning an espresso machine more affordable. 

EME's motto has always been "We service what we sell".  At EME it isn't just about the sale, but ensuring the best experience.  What makes us different: we take the machine out of the box and set it up for the customer so it produces an espresso just they way they like it, we ensure the customer knows how to use the machine and maintain it.   We have six repair bays with full time technicians to respond to repairs in a quick and efficient manner.  We understand it is hard to be without a machine so we strive to repair machines in a timely manner so you can go back to enjoying your coffee right away.  

It is this type of attention that made EME one of four authorized in-warranty service centers for Phillps Saeco within the USA. As an authorized service center, we have access to the programmers that allow up to update the software components in your machine.   In addition to Saeco machines, EME is an authorized service center for Delonghi and we service other brands like Gaggia, Spidem, Lavazza, Miele and more.

Not only does EME provide support to customers during "in warranty" and   post warranty repairs,but in 2015, EME was designated as a Philips Saeco Service Hotline to provide support to the Phillips network of service centers for technical issues. Finally, EME acts as a liaison between Philips Saeco European manufacturing plant and North America.

This is  why we can say we are Espresso Machine Experts.  Still not sure, call us today and allow us to prove it to you. 
Looking forward to your call.

Luciano Iarusso


Luciano Iarusso
Luciano Iarusso

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Rocco Vicente Clemente
Rocco Vicente Clemente

December 27, 2016

The whole life dedicated to a passion guarantees the success and endorsement…

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