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Which is the Best Saeco Home Espresso Machine of 2017?

by Luciano Iarusso December 30, 2017

Which is the Best Saeco Home Espresso Machine of 2017?

As 2017 is winding to an end we all tend to reflect.  The question I have been asked the most as a retailer selling superautomatics for the past 30 years and as an Espresso Expert is the following: Which is the best Saeco home espresso maker of 2017? 

Pose the question to 10 different companies and you’ll get 10 different answers for which is the  best espresso machine for home. People will assume some things for you, based on their own experiences or past experiences with certain brands or what they think are important.

Truthfully the first thing I'd say to you is that the decision to move to an espresso machine is a smart one . You will be able to start your mornings with an exceptional coffee, you will be the hero of the dinner party being able to make specialty drinks and you will save money having a machine at home rather than going to your local café.

When considering purchasing an espresso machine there is much more to consider than there is  when buying a regular coffee marker.  In addition to understanding the features you also need to consider how you will use the machine and of course there is budget to think about too.  Here we’ve assumed you’re looking for a super automatic espresso machine from Saeco, and added details  below our choices.

Since features generally increase with price, your budget will be an critical deciding factor – you’ll simply have to spend more to access some feature. But don't despair, less expensive espresso machines are excellent choices. Again the key question is what do you need your espresso machine for - espresso, specialty drinks,  to please one person or many, will the superautomatic machine be used in the home or office, how important is the size and cleaning features.

The recommendations below are  for the best superatumatoic machine for the home use. Convenience tends to increase as you move up through the models. Here are our recommendations for the  best Saeco espresso machine for each category:

  • Best Superautomatic Machine for Budget: Moltio Focus
  • Superautomatic that offers Best value: Exprelia Evo
  • Best overall Superautomatic Espresso Machine: Gran Baristo or Gran Baristo Avanti

Best Superautomatic for Low Budget: Moltio Focus

This new  Moltio Focus allows the user to easily customize the coffee strength. So you can make all the espresso drinkers in your family happy. It provides excellent steam capability so you can whip up beautiful milk based drinks like cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites. No knobs to activate the steam in this modern sleek machine, steam is controlled by electronics.

It comes with two interchangeable bean hoppers plus pre-ground bypass option. So if you are a coffee aficionado and like to change roast or have a decaf from time to time, the Moltio Focus super automatic makes it “super” easy.

Suuperautomatic with Best Value: Exprelia Evo

The  Exprelia Evo offers a ton of features and possibilities yet it is still in the mid price range. The biggest advantage is the fact it provides the richest espresso because of  its patented Saeco Brewing System (SBS). This feature allows the user to further control the flow rate of hot water through the coffee grinds allowing to manipulate the amount of crema  and intensity.

When it comes to frothing milk, the Exprelia Evo provides the best of both worlds – a manual frothier and a carafe system. The sleek stainless steel finish and clean lines makes it a show stopper. You will be sure to get many compliments both for the espresso you serve and for the equipment on your counter.

Best Overall Superautomatic Machine: Gran Baristo or Gran Baristo Avanti

This machine has the smallest footprint on the market. To say it is sleek and modern is an understatement. Consider that the Avanti version is the only super-automatic that has Bluetooth capability.  Could you ever imagine customizing your drink from your phone or tablet?  Do you like your milk based drinks hot? The carafe on these models allows the milk to reach the highest temperature of any model that uses a carafe.

The Gran Baristo keeps in memory the personal coffee profile for six individuals. It also has an American coffee button pleasing the regular coffee drinker in your midst. Looking to shorten your prep time in the morning then you have to choose the Gran Baristo; It is the only Saeco machine that allows you to brew two espressos simultaneously.

Are Superautomatic Machines Worth It?

There’s a ton of different makes and models for espresso machines, and a  super automatic espresso machine is one of the better choices for home use because they:

  • are easy to use – espresso is brewed within seconds of pushing a button, no prep work or cleanup required
  • grind espresso FRESH – built-in grinders mean you don’t have to buy a separate piece of equipment so that you can buy fresh-roasted whole bean coffee
  • are customizable – letting you set the amount of coffee grounds used, quantity of water, and allow full control of steaming milk (or milk alternatives) to make any number of specialty espresso drinks

Super automatics are also economical since the cost per drink averages just $0.12 as opposed to single serve machines using pre-ground (eg. stale) capsules where a cup of espresso costs anywhere from $0.75 to a dollar per cup.

While brands like Gaggia and Jura have a good reputation, Saeco is the industry leader and original developer in the space. Saeco’s patented removable brew unit makes maintenance a breeze.  Check out this video that shows what makes Saeco the leader in espresso machines.


With a lineup that spans a dozen models with continuous updates to models with emerging technology and enhancement s, deciding which to buy can be a tricky question. That is why working with someone who is knowledgeable about the industry, can answer any question and help you determine what your need and are looking for in a machine is invaluable.  

There are three basic things to consider: do you base your choice exclusively on price or do consider added value like expertise, warranty, authorized service centers who use original parts,  service centerswho can provide machine software updates.  These are all important aspects of buying a superautomatic espresso machine that will provide enjoyment and  satisfaction.

Now fully armed with an overview of what each machine offers, you can choose the one that will best suit your needs.


Luciano Iarusso
Luciano Iarusso

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